Behind the Scenes | Day in the Life | Cacharel Campaign Photoshoot | Shay Mitchell

Listen, anyone who knows me knows that I will sit in a glam chair all day long, but with a shoot this jam packed there was zero time for play (well, maybe not zero...). Come behind-the-scenes with me on the planning, production and shooting of Cacharel’s YES I AM GLORIOUS campaign. Months in the making, we did it ALL at this shoot to bring this peachy fragrance that is all about celebrating Y-O-U to life! Go on then, see for yourself! Check out my video from my last trip to Paris with Cacharel: Hi! I’m Shay Mitchell, but you may know me as Emily, Peach, or Stella! Oh, or it’s possible that you may also know me as the CBO Founder of BÉIS and Co-founder of Onda. Or as Atlas’s mom. Or as a pizza fanatic. Whatever you know me as I’m Shay, and this is my YouTube. Join me for my favorite recipes, beauty collabs with my friends a behind the scenes (and screen) look at my life. Be sure to watch my series Almost Ready as we prepared to start a family: https://
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