Brenda Lee - You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me with CC Lyrics

Activate closed captions to see the lyrics on screen. Performance from 1987 or 1988. This song was a mega hit for Dusty Springfield in 1966 ( #1 in the UK and #4 in the US). Brenda Lee covered it the same year on her “Coming On Strong“ album. It is an Italian song “Io che non vivo (senza te)“ - “I cannot live (without you)“. Springfield heard it performed at the San Remo song contest by Pino Donaggio and Jody Miller. She had English lyrics written for her recording. In 1970, Elvis Presley’s version reached #11 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the AC chart. Music by Pino Donaggio with lyrics by Vito Pallavicini English lyrics by Vicki Wickham and Simon Napier-Bell. Lyrics as sung by Brenda Lee:
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