Elite: dangerous - Flight in the atmosphere (fan game demo)

Greetings CMDR’s! This is a mini fan game based on the game Elite: dangerous. --- Sorry for the video quality, my pc potato. :) --- Available to this demo: - Spaceship “Eagle“ - One spaceport object. - Islands and the ocean - Weather with rain, thunder, lightning and thick clouds. --- Fan game created at “unreal engine 4“ using the “TrueSky’’ plugin. “TrueSky’’ - its weather plugin from “Simul“ software engineering company. --- Fan game download link: Unreal engine 4: “TrueSky“ plugin by Simul: ------- Control: WASD QE RF mouse XY - Flight control Tab - toggle camera view Shift - boost engine ` “~“ - console menu ------- Console comands: quit - exit game stat fps - show fps RestartLevel - Restart the level (in case you are stuck somewhere, etc.) 1280x720f - change resolution to 1280x720 1600x900f - change resolution to 1600x900 1920x1080f
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