Maria Daines ~ Song for Camp Beagle

A song for the MBR Beagles and in support of everyone at #CampBeagle trying so hard to save them. ‘Song for Camp Beagle’ Cry from the dead, there’s a price on our heads You’re all we have Don’t turn your backs Get us out of these sheds We ain’t numbers, we’re lives Don’t wanna face the knives Don’t let us die, hear our cries Those who win are those who try We’re in hell, a world of pain Hold out our paws, they find the vein We can hear you coming for us And in good people we trust Bred and born to die We’re held by gates and lies Let us see the blue skies And the kindness in your eyes We know you’re here We hold back our fear Make this the last year Make these the last tears Make it stop, make it stop, make it illegal There’s an army here, they call it Camp Beagle Make it stop, make it stop, you know it’s pure evil And there’s an army here, they call it Ca
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