Francesco Gasparini - Sposa son disprezzata - Cecilia Bartoli (from Antonio Vivaldi “Bajazet“)

Sposa son disprezzata (“I am wife and I am scorned“) is an Italian aria written by Francesco Gasparini. It is used in Vivaldi’s pasticcio, Bajazet. The music for this aria was not composed by Vivaldi. The originating work is Francesco Gasparini’s opera Bajazet, composed before Vivaldi’s pasticcio. It was a common practice during Vivaldi’s time to compile arias from other composers with one own’s work for an opera. Vivaldi himself composed the arias for the good characters and mostly used existing arias from other composers for the villains in this opera. “Sposa son disprezzata“ is sung by a villain character, Irene. Vivaldi has recently been attributed as the composer of the work, perhaps because Cecilia Bartoli’s album “If You Love Me (Se tu m’ami), 18th-Century Italian Songs“) which uses Alessandro Parisotti’s 19-century piano version, attributes the work solely to Vivaldi.
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