“I’m on Fire“ (Bruce Springsteen) Emmeline Gracie Joins James Burnell Duet • 2020

«I’m on Fire» — песня американского рок-певца Брюса Спрингстина, вышедшая 06-02-1985 в качестве 4-го сингла с 7 студийного альбома Брюса Born in the . (1984). Сингл достиг 6 места в хит-параде США Billboard Hot 100 и 1-го в Бельгии и Нидерландах. Видеоклип Спрингстина на церемонии MTV Music Video Awards получил награду в категории Лучшее мужское видео. Emmeline Gracie Joins James Burnell For First Time Duet Of ’I’m on Fire’ (Bruce Springsteen) / Dublin City Today 621 тыс. подписчиков на утубе 2 223 240 просмотров с 08-08-2020 по 28-07-2021 “That touched me so much hes so good and she is beautiful and her singing takes my breath away. She sings from her heart, she sings so beautiful ,she looks beautiful what more can anyone say it was a breathtaking performance by channel is so good giving us all these young of them have star quality and you just want to listen to more.l wonder what her and Fabio would sound like has a beautiful 💖💙“
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